Blog Awards & Feeling Thankful

I want to take a quick moment to express my sincere thanks to all of my friends and followers for taking the time to read my posts, try my recipes and share ideas. I have made some amazing friends through this blog! It is so wonderful how our love for food, flavours and life itself have brought us together!

This Hungry Kitten wouldn’t be the blog it is today if it weren’t for all the support and love I get from all of you! 🙂

Here’s a little love back, from a heart-shaped Black Pearl oyster. Had to pinken it up a bit with red wine mignonette. 🙂

As the year comes to an end, I am receiving emails about nominations for blog awards! I am shocked, but also so thrilled and thankful that you all enjoy what I am doing here. Feels so good!

You can click on the following links to vote for This Hungry Kitten in the MiB (Made in Blog) Awards under 3 categories:

Best Food Blog

Best Leisure/Restaurants Blog

Best Lifestyle Blog

You have until November 18th to vote! And you only have to vote once, so get clicking!

(These links can also be found along the right margin of this screen and you can vote by clicking on the different buttons)

Love you all and, as I always try to emphasize, please feel free to share your recipes and ideas, ask questions, post comments or request a recipe or restaurant review!

Happy Friday! T.G.I.F!

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