Out & About

As often as I’m in the kitchen, I’m also out exploring the city (and other parts of the world when I get the chance!).

Here’s where I rant and rave about happy times and document my foodly undertakings. There’s always an adventure to be had for this hungry kitten! 🙂

Tea Party At The Windsor Arms

My Passover-Friendly Easter Dinner

St. Lawrence Market: Seafood Haul

Learning To Shuck Oysters

Summertime Oysters At Oyster Fest Niagara

Blog Awards & Feeling Thankful

Easy (And Heavenly) Natural Aromatherapy For Your Home

It’s My Party And We’ll Shuck ‘Cause I Want To

Home Cooking Made Easy Peasy With Prepd!

Wine Tasting: Fleur Du Cap Chardonnay Launch Party At The iYellow Wine Cave

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