About Me

A Toronto girl in love with everything delicious! I’m an avid food photographer and passionate cook at home with a love (maybe slight obsession) for great food and cooking.

What we eat, strongly reflects who we are. You can come to know quite a bit about a person by observing what they’re eating. (After all, “you are what you eat”.) I’m a microbiologist, by profession, with a ballet and visual arts background. I am part Chinese, part Scottish and have grown up with a great mixture of language, tradition and culture. Our differences are what make us all amazing! This many-sidedness in my life is reflected in my love for food as well. I eat just about anything and love all food genres…with a special interest in seafood (I LOVE SEAFOOD). I enjoy food in all its diverse flavours, colours, textures and forms. Over the years, I have come to truly understand and appreciate the science and artistry involved in creating true culinary beauty.

Food is what brings us together…as strangers, friends, family, and as a community. Nothing brings me more joy than to laugh, chew, chat, sip, learn and share with the ones I love.

Thanks so much for reading! 🙂


Check out my recipe index to begin! I also have a section dedicated to all things oysters, as well as restaurant reviews. 🙂

Email: thishungrykitten@gmail.com

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