Homecooking Made Easy Peasy With Prepd: Toronto Launch & Giveaway!

Life, as we know it, is becoming increasingly busy. As a young professional myself, I know that time is something, it seems, we have less and less of. To make time for work, friends, family, studies and all the other little things, it seems the trend is to make sacrifices where it matters most! In what we eat! As fast food and “take-out” meals are becomingly more and more readily available to us, cooking wholesome meals at home is becoming a thing of the past. In a world of reality TV and “top chefs”, we’ve been fooled into thinking that cooking a delicious meal is something best left to the experts.

If you’re a Torontonian, as busy as a bee and guilty of slacking in the kitchen, I’ve found you a solution for making delicious, healthy meals at home without costing you your valuable time. A new local start-up called Prepd has just launched in Toronto. Be sure to check out their website by clicking here!

They’re a wonderful company that allows you to choose from weekly easy-to-follow recipes online, and then have these recipes along with all the fresh ingredients needed to make them delivered right to your doorstep. All that you’re in charge of is having your kitchen stocked with salt, pepper and cooking oil. This saves you all the time of shopping for groceries and planning how to cook them. AND it’s affordable! At $10 a meal, you’re making a smart substitute for eating out or ordering “take-out”. (Which for me, would almost always cost $10 or more.) No more excuses! I hope this appeals to some of my busier friends who I know love to cook a good meal, but sometimes just can’t find the time to do it.

Top Sirloin dinner I made using Prepd meal kit. 

I think this is also a great way to learn how to cook. With easy recipes to follow and all your shopping done for you, it’s perfect! If you’re easily intimidated in the kitchen this would be the perfect way to get over your fear. Invite some friends over or impress your significant other!

Spring Minestrone I made with Prepd meal kit.

I had the pleasure of testing out Prepd’s services and have to say this was a great time saver, perfect for a busy week and the meals were delicious. My delivery arrived promptly and I had a box of well-packaged ingredients waiting for me (on ice) when I arrived home. I made a Spring minestrone soup with parmesan, freshly baked artisan baguette and rosemary balsamic vinegar for dipping as my first meal. The second meal I made was a delicious sirloin steak over a bed of smashed dill baby potatoes and garlic roasted asparagus.

Here’s how your ingredients will arrive! Everything is super handy and there’s just enough of what you’ll need. That vacuum packed steak with a rosemary sprig made me dance around my kitchen a little bit. 🙂

A picture is worth a thousand words (you must know this is my motto by now), so I’ve documented the makings of my Prepd meals in photo format. Have a look and you’ll see how straight forward these meals are to make.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Visit eatprepd.com to view weekly recipes and place orders.

I’m so excited to also be doing a This Hungry Kitten + Prepd GIVEAWAY! There will be 6 prizes in total.

Two lucky winners will receive a FREE Prepd delivery ($60 value) of three, 2-person meals.

Four lucky winners will receive 50% off of a Prepd delivery ($30 value) of three, 2-person meals.

Enter using the link below. Gain 3 entries by leaving me a blog post comment below telling me why you’d like to try using Prepd. You can gain additional entries through social media too! Contest closes on Sunday, May 18th at 11:59pm.

Enter Prepd Giveaway

One of the reasons I created this blog was to spread the joys of cooking and how simple and easy it can be. I think that Prepd offers a great service and promotes the idea of cooking good food in your own kitchen, which I think is so important. With today’s face-paced lifestyles, we often neglect our health and can forget the splendour and enjoyment of making a home-cooked meal and the delight of sharing our tasty creations with the ones we love. If you’re not living in Toronto, search for similar businesses in your city that offer the same services! It may be the just the thing to inspire more home-cooked meals in your household. 🙂 XO

21 thoughts on “Homecooking Made Easy Peasy With Prepd: Toronto Launch & Giveaway!

  1. I’d like to try using Prepd because I just finished eating tonights dinner…dry special K and a handful of jelly beans.

    • Dark after THREE, Francesca!? I have light til 7ish and I’m still lazy. 😦
      It was so exciting having someone do my groceries and tell me what to cook.
      And it was yummy too! No complaints. 🙂

  2. I’d like to try using Prepd because it looks delicious on the pics and I am too lazy to cook sometimes after a long day at work 😀

    • It seems like everyone gets lazy after a long day at work. (Glad I’m not the only one.) So great to be able to go home, cook an easy meal and eat…without all the prep and plan time!
      Thanks for sharing, Nilos! 🙂

  3. No matter how you plate them, “tv dinners” never taste very good after a long, hard, busy day. Prepd would be the perfect solution to ending my dinner time doldrums!

  4. Wow, I didn’t know something like this existed. I love to cook but I hate the prep work. Love your blog!!

  5. I sometimes don’t have enough time to prepare proper meals and drive to supermarkets so thats why I want to try Prepd!

    • Thanks for checking out the post, Erika!

      I hear you. It’s tough finding the time. Now’s your chance to be be inspired! Fast food can become “fast cooked meals”! 🙂 You’d be surprised what tasty creations you can make in hardly any time at all.

      Prepd makes it even more easy, because you don’t even have to shop. 🙂

  6. I buy groceries on the weekends with intentions of cooking throughout the week, but I either end up being lazy or enticed to eat out. Prepd would help me avoid throwing out unused groceries.

    • Hi Jeremy,

      Thanks for stopping by and reading! If you’re asking whether I get paid to write reviews. No, I don’t.

      This Hungry Kitten is a labour of love. I started this blog to share recipes and food adventures and ideas. And I’m loving it!

      Regarding this particular post, I was invited to test out this new service and I thought it was great. So I’m spreading the word! I only really write about things I love and/or are passionate about. 🙂

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