Rolo Chocolate Pretzel Sammies. You’re welcome.


This post is going to be short and SWEET.

I don’t eat sweets very often, but I know a yummy treat when I see one, smell one or wolf down a serving meant for ten people without even noticing. I’ve never been a huge fan of chocolate covered pretzels. The ones I’ve had always seem dry, and stale, and boring. BUTTT, these little Rolo pretzel sandwiches are the complete opposite. They create the perfect salty-sweet balance and the caramel Rolo centres add a beautiful sticky sweetness to them. The best chocolate pretzels I’ve ever had!

A friend of mine whipped up a batch for a birthday party and I instantly fell in love. While I can’t take credit for this idea, I can take credit for sharing its greatness with the rest of you! That day, I tried one for the sake of trying one, because everyone was raving about how good these chocolate pretzels were. After the first, I ate another and another and another…and then another fifteen. (Way more than my share. Shhh…).

My three fave things about these treats are that a) they’re easy to make b) they take almost no time at all c) they taste like heaven. The time it will take me to post this recipe would be enough time for me to make two batches, eat one batch myself, and deliver the other to a friend. They’re that easy.

I really have nothing more to say. They’re just great. So make some already!!!

Rolo Chocolate Pretzel Sammies (aka Chocolate pretzels):
Makes approx. 40 sammies


  • 1 bag of waffle pretzels*
  • 1 bag mini Rolo chocolates


*If you’re in Toronto and are having trouble finding waffle pretzels, President’s Choice makes waffle pretzels (sold at Loblaws and other PC-carrying stores), although you won’t need the whole bag unless you’re making more than one batch. (I used the PC Blue Menu pretzels) They also sell waffle pretzels at Bulk Barn in bulk.

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2. Line a baking tray with parchment paper.

3. Make sandwiches on the lined baking tray by placing 1 or 2 mini Rolo chocolates between 2 waffle pretzels. (Don’t use cracked or broken pretzel bits…I didn’t think you would…but just in case.) I experimented by doing some with 1 chocolate and some with 2. If you like them sweeter and more chocolate/caramel-y then go for 2, but I found 1 to be enough.

4. Carefully, without knocking any of the pretzels out of place, put your baking tray into the oven for about 5 mins. (It may not even take that long. You just want the chocolates to soften.


5. Remove tray from oven. The chocolates should be really soft but not completely melted all over the place. Press on each sandwich lightly, just to squish the chocolates and help stick the pretzels together.


6. Let them cool! They get really sticky so be careful! I stuck mine in the fridge for a short time to cool them off. Be careful removing them from the parchment, you don’t want to break them apart!

*You may want to store them in layers with parchment in between. I learned the hard way, when I put everything in a pile and it all stuck together. 😦

Enjoy! Xx
And be sure to SHARE! (It’s REALLY easy to eat them all yourself if you’re not careful.)

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